Friday, August 30, 2013

Net-a-Porter Launches Beauty

If you're a Net-a-porter fanatic you might have noticed a new tab popped up on the international site just this past Wednesday, and beauty products are now available to us in addition to our American and British friends. Woohoo! Even though our local boutiques are a godsend when it comes to getting our hands on cutting-edge brands from Japan to Hungary, it's nice that the online retailer is adding to our smorgasbord of choice with a few extra choices. Right now the total list of products runs only two pages long (and that's including makeup cases, which were probably already available) but includes brands such as Kevyn Aucoin, Ilia, Joya and Lucas Papaw, whose Papaw ointment is the best Vaseline-alternative ever! So far, I'm pleased with the colour selection too, especially with the Aucoin line -- so many rich, bright hues. Shop it all here.


Bag Lady: Kate Spade 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag

Feeling awfully gloomy for some reason and in much need of a pop of colour in my life to boost my mood. Nothing like this pretty 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag from Kate Spade to do the trick. In store next week and price ranges from HK$4500 to HK$9000


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Longchamp Friends and Family Sale


SHOErotica: Celine Thigh-High Rider Boot

I blame the thigh-high boot for bringing us built-in gloves, like the ones that are attached to your dress as espoused by Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy. GROSS. As a rule, Celine shoes fall into that category of ugly-pretty (and occasionally, just ugly-ugly). These thigh-high boots leave very little to the imagination, in that they're little better than tights really, but somehow tights becoming shoes is a lot better than sleeves becoming gloves. Or at least I have been programmed by society to believe. And I feel like there is some woman out there who could probably pull these off. We'll probably see them on Sea of Shoes next week and then suddenly they're the Next Big Thing.


Smith/Grey Jewellery

Smith/Grey: it's like something that you've seen before, but yet totally different. It's expensive stuff, but the dollars are in the details -- a delicate leaf backing the long-stemmed rose earring, the deceptive headless horses linked together in an endless circle, the ever-so-slight curve at the end of a pointed ring so you don't scratch yourself when you're trying to...scratch yourself. All very important things in the world of jewellery and, in particular, my world too.


Holiday Desires: Tumi Fall 2013 Collection

Desire to travel? Check. Lust over fun colourful Fall 2013 luggage from Tumi? Check. Now to find the time to get away from Hong Kong.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Franck Muller Crazy Hours 10th Anniversary Edition

Can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Franck Muller introduced the Crazy Hours collection. I still remember being in awe that the watch knew how to jump around the different numbers and LOVED the colourful display. 10 years on, the brand has launched a special limited edition piece that looks decidedly more grown up what with its diamond pave face. Somehow, I prefer the original version that is more fun and aligned with the Crazy Hours concept but I’m sure there are plenty who will go crazy (pun intended) for this version.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lindsey Wixson's Lips

Most of these shots are about model Lindsey Wixson's weird-ass awesome goldfish lips (and rabbit teeth), about which I'm kind of obsessed. And one of them is about a corgi.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Back with a Llamacorn

Sorry for the radio silence, I've just returned from an intense week in New York, work with a little play thrown in and absolutely no time for silly necessities like sleep or blogging. So on this Monday, instead of inane excuses, I introduce to you... The Llamacorn. Part llama, part unicorn, ALL COOL.


Vietnamese Flavours in HK

hkLifestyleGeek visits Chom Chom

Chef Peter Cuong Franklin incubated Chom Chom in a small bar-like restaurant on Wellington Street over a year ago. Despite having a limited kitchen facilities that resulted in a very focused menu, the Cordon Bleu-trained chef soon became well known for his pho using broth made from beef bones, and his freshly-made ice cream.

Fast forward to today, where Franklin recently moved Chom Chom to Peel Street, above Hollywood Road, where you won't find the pho on the menu -- yet -- as he wants to present his modern take on other Vietnamese dishes.

The decor is minimalist and sleek, though the hard surfaces tend to result in quite a noisy restaurant; the 80s music in the background is fun, but the volume gets turned up the later it gets...

Nevertheless the food is unpretentious and stands up on its own with fresh flavours. To start, the grilled beef in betel leaf (HK$88) packed a punch of spiciness that we think may have overdosed on the chillis. It was garnished with shallots, peanuts and spring onions.

The closest thing to pho on the menu are the pho rolls (HK$78), the fresh rice noodle wrapped around grilled beef pickles and purple basil. This was a straight-forward dish, while the VFC or Vietnamese fried chicken wings (HK$88) had more layers of flavours that make it far tastier than KFC.

There's lots of salads on the menu and the kaffir lime chicken cabbage salad (HK$78) also has various tastes and textures from the deep fried chicken to the freshly prepared salad that looked deceptively simple but delicious.

Another great dish is the shaking beef (HK$158), featuring beef tenderloin, watercress and rocket salad. The mini garlic is fried and softened to open up their sweetness, that make a great complement to the tender beef.

We also loved cha ca Hanoi (HK$138), or white sole fillet generously garnished with dill. The beautifully flaked fish seasoned with cumin sits on a bed of marinated vermicelli and this plate was a definite winner.

Delicacy was also observed in the grilled eggplant with crab meat (HK$98), a steamed egg nestled among the warm eggplant, topped with spring onion, coriander and mint.

Franklin doesn't have his signature ice creams ready either, but for dessert, have the seasonal tropical fruit platter (HK$58), where he presents two small dipping sauce plates with two different kinds of salts in them.

Following the rule that adding salt to pineapples makes them sweeter, you can experiment with spicy and savoury salts with watermelon, cantaloupe, rambutan, dragon fruit and of course pineapples to end your meal.

Chom Chom
58 Peel Street
2810 0850


Friday, August 23, 2013

Bag Lady: Burberry Boston

Ok so it’s not really a bag lady per say but more of a bag men but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Looking for a bag to spice up the boy’s outfit? Check out the Burberry Boston from their Fall/Winter 2013 collection.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fendi Family Sale


Disney Princesses on Instagram

What would it be like if Disney Princesses were on Instagram? One blogger has the answer. From the Genie photobombing Jasmine’s photo to Grumpy leaving comments about Snow White’s bed selfies better not be on his bed, this series cracks me up with its hashtags and comments. Check out the full collection at


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

LisaT Accessories: Poker Rose

Inspired by playing cards, the Poker Rose collection by LisaT captured my attention with its use of Lego pieces. The rope makes me feel that the collection is more nautical than playing cards but maybe it’s just because I haven’t seen the whole collection. LisaT started out as a knitwear couture design house and is now creating a series of accessories made from materials like cashmere blend crochet, rope, Swarovski crystals and Lego pieces. Launching next month at Galerie Lafayette Beijing and available for order by emailing .


Monday, August 19, 2013

Plants vs Zombies 2

Remember how I was addicted to PvZ way back in 2010? Well they have finally come up with a sequel hence this weekend was spent fighting zombies again. Check out the official trailer above and stay tuned for my review.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

SHOErotica: Christian Louboutin Online Shop Launches

Christian Louboutin has just launched its Asia online boutique.... hear the sirens wail? That's the reactionary sound to my wallet being raped.


Promotional Feature: Bag Lady Rabeanco

I still recall I got my first Rabeanco as a birthday present during the first year I started working. I fell in love with the soft leather and my only peeve about that bag was that it wasn’t quite big enough for me to put all my gadget in as I started loading up my bag with my iPhone, Blackberry, Kindle, spare chargers etc. (What can I say? I’m a Geek.) I stumbled upon the Bonham II while invited to look at the Rabeanco website and must admit I’m intrigued and thinking of getting it in the gorgeous magenta colour. It definitely looks big enough to hold all my stuff. Might be time to take a spin to their shop at Shop 5, G/F, Hong Kong Pacific Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui. It’s also available online here.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Meet the Bettie

Remember the Vaughan Hepburn shirt that I was waxing lyrical about? Creative Director of Vaughan has launched a new style called the Bettie which is perfect for this heat with the shirt being made of the soften silk . Sidenote, how many extreme very hot weather warnings can we get this summer? I’m almost looking forward to the storm that is coming and the undoubtedly wet days we will be getting for the rest of the week. I say almost because I walk to work and I’m sure I will be cringing tomorrow while walking in the storm and getting all wet and watch me regret writing that I want rain. Anyway, onto the shirt, it’s available in the following colours, Bettie's Blues, California Sunshine Yellow, Stark Naked White, Pink Teasearama and Pinup Queen Green. Each is priced at US$98 and I believe free shipping to Hong Kong is still available. So head on over to the website and check it out.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

La Perla Flash Sale + $100 Coupon

The concept of is pretty simple. Flash sales start at noon on a pre-announced day and then you have a few days to shop discounted stock. After that it's gone, forever. It's members only, which means you have to sign up to view the merch. Previous sales have featured Gucci and Boss sunnies, Comvita Skincare, Furla, Melvita...and this week, check out La Perla swimwear. Despite the shady product photos, it's actually got a bunch of stuff that's still available on La Perla's own website, at up to 70% off retail.

V sent Damien from my way who offered a little bit of credit to get me started shopping at the sale, and I accepted. Signing up was a breeze and then I was in. The sale actually started a day late due to a site crash but they've upgraded servers and now it's all good. Click, click. Some extra product research with Google images (to acquire different viewpoints and better pictures for the stuff I wanted, one cannot rest on one's laurels when it comes to realistically picturing clothing on a body) and I was done in minutes. Scored this Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla Sarouel Sarong-type cover-up, which I anticipate will work nicely into my non-beach-time wardrobe also. Also noticed that had it some $200 and change less than what it's selling for on the La Perla website, plus free shipping.

To get you all started shopping, the site is offering you all a code to put $100 of credit towards a purchase during the La Perla event. Just enter HKFG13 to take $100 off whatever you get.


Beauty Notes: Estee Lauder Pure Color Cello Shots

I've generally always abode by the rule that one should always concentrate colour on one part of the face. Usually that means one of a smokey eye or a bold lip. But lately for me it's been more about the ridiculous cheek, that bright stripe of crazy hue right along the cheekbone hitting almost to the ear. These Estee Lauder Pure Color Cello Shots come in great shocking colours -- I was sent the top two, 03 Xpose Rose and 04 Techno Jam -- that you just pump into your finger and smear across your face. And that colour really stays all day, so don't misapply, because you'll be scarred for a while. The downside? It also stays on your finger. But I guess if you don't mind being caught red-handed (hur, hur... or red-fingered, as it were...) that's okay. The packaging isn't super fancy -- while functional, the plastic bottle feels like it's made from the same stuff as iPhone hard cases, but seriously, for staying power, nothing beats this, and it travels well since you don't need an applicator or brush. Maybe if it were rebuilt with a squirt blush (like YSL's Touche Eclat) we could save our fingers? It retails for HK$300 at Estee Lauder counters.


Herve Leger at The Outnet

Good news for Herve Leger bandage dress lovers! Starting from today, The Outnet has an exclusive edit of Herve Leger’s pieces all available at up to 65% off. Check out the video above for a preview of what’s available and start clicking.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Private Viewing

hkLifestyleGeek takes a trip to Macau

One of the marquee events in Macau is the 25th Macau International Fireworks Display Contest, and this year it runs on September 14, 19, 21, 28 and October 1. Set off in front of Macau Tower, there will be 10 teams competing, including Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Canada, France, China and Portugal. For an up close view of the pyrotechnics you could head all the way up Macau Tower, but that could mean standing there all afternoon to guard your spot.

Why not watch the fireworks in style away from the masses at 38 Lounge at Altira on Taipa? On the top floor of the hotel is not only the lobby, but a posh lounge that's perfect for drinks in the evenings. There's always music, from DJs to live performances.

And those flush with cash from their casino winnings can book one of two themed private rooms on the same floor. One is the Royal Salute, named after the Scotch Whisky with an over-the-top decor of plush royal blue couches studded with crystals that looks more like a VIP karaoke room.

The other is the perfectly girly Perrier-Jouet room named after the Champagne from Epernay, France. The room is larger than the Royal Salute, and is decorated with line drawings of the Champagne's signature anemone on the windows and walls.

Sit back, relax and soak in the view -- with Perrier-Jouet if you so desire -- and take in the fireworks with your BFFs.

38 Lounge
38/F, Altira
Avenida de Kwong Tung
(853) 2886 8888


Friday, August 9, 2013

The Power of Product Shots, or a Panda Post

See this panda is like... whoa. In-your-face panda. Perhaps it's a leather panda mask, worn by a serial killer that comes to be known as "The Panda Strangler" and is some endangered species crusader taking out fur-company executives. Perhaps I've been watching too much Elementary. But you get my drift. This panda is scary. Until you realize...

Oh, it's not a demon panda at all, it's a super-kawaiiii coin purse from Loewe, Spanish leather-goods house with a two-century history of artisanal craftsmanship, bastion of classic luxury and elegance, paragon of understated elegance. How scale and perception toy with our minds. Anyway, it's available at Net-a-porter.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

SHOErotica: Tom Ford Boots

Bad mood today, people suck, you suck too, go buy yourself overpriced Tom Ford boots that are ugly and will probably give you a heat rash if you wear them in this ridiculous weather. Share with me your pain so I can laugh, because the best way to cure a bad mood is to hear about people with ugly shoes and skin diseases.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Warehouse Sale: Eyewear and Beauty Products



It's good when fashion trends dovetail with your daily practical needs. So now I feel like it's totally acceptable to carry a regular little shoulder bag with my giant, unwieldy, unsexy and grody gym bag. Because that's obviously exactly what everyone else is doing in these photos.