Tuesday, February 23, 2010

iPhone Show & Tell: Plants vs Zombies

If you’re looking for a strangely addictive, fun casual game for your iPhone or iTouch, PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies will do just the trick. Taking the traditional tower defense game model (and admittedly one of the easiest tower defense games I’ve ever played), Plants vs Zombies’ appeal is in the cute graphics, giggle inducing descriptions and innovative concept. The premise is that a mob of zombies are about to invade your house to eat your brains and your only defense are these plants that zap these zombies.

Choose from a selection of 49 plants including the Cherry Bombs (“I wanna explode,” says Cherry #1. “No, let’s detonate instead!” says his brother, Cherry #2. After intense consultation they agree to explodonate) or the Wall-nut (“People wonder how I feel about getting constantly chewed on by zombies,” says Wall-nut. “What they don‘t realize is that with my limited senses all I can feel is a kind of tingling, like a relaxing back rub.”)

The zombies have their own quirks too. From the Michael Jackson-equse Dancing Zombie (where they claim any resemblance between Dancing Zombie and persons living or dead is purely coincidental), to the Football Zombie that is a team player who delivers both offensively and defensively and gives 110 percent while not knowing what a football is. Simply reading all the descriptions gave me quite a chuckle. And if that’s not reason enough, check out the Plants vs Zombies music video. Anything this cute and catchy can’t be bad!

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