Monday, February 8, 2010

Geek Peek: La Perla

V-day is just around the corner, and although most Hongkongers will spend the day doing family stuff, when night falls, the gloves (and clothes) will come off in preparation for a naughty Valentine's Day. Well, that's the hope, at least. We asked the Anne-Sophie de Guerry, regional marketing manager at La Perla Asia to suggest some kinky items for our readers -- for those of you who thought the brand was all about classy lingerie, look again, because some of these pieces are rarin' to get somebody's heart racing.

Hong Kong Fashion Geek: We all know La Perla is one of the world's top lingerie brands. But what are some of the more distinctive signature aspects of La Perla's garments?
Anne-Sophie de Guerry: Our DNA making our difference: The artisan matrix, the importance given to the designing phase, the in-depth knowledge of the female body, the fusion of innovation and tradition, the Italian identity and international orientation. Our distinction comes from our craftmenship and the fabrics we use. Our signature product is the corset/bustier.

HKFG: Asia tends to more conservative with its undergarment choices in general, but with Valentine's Day coming up, name one indispensible naughty-but-nice item that a woman can use to seduce her man.
AdG: For Valentine's, we have a special collection of three series, which is an homage to Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, but also of vanity, a sin that in the most charming women becomes an irresistible weapon. Feather fringes, transparency, glass beads and an intriguing print inspired by Greek urns: cunning and coquettishness to seduce men and gods.

HKFG: What are some of the racier products that you carry in Asia?
AdG: See below:

HKFG: What are the major differences you see when women buy lingerie versus when men buy lingerie for their partner?
AdG: Women or men, they buy for themselves first. Women are looking for comfy and feminine lingerie. The perfect fitting is what they are looking for buying La Perla. Sometimes they buy more sexy lingerie but it is more for special occasions, but it's still a very feminine lingerie.

Men buy lingerie for themselves first, they mainly buy our Sensual line, La Perla Black Label, our special line of "sexy-chic" proposals with a mixture of transgression and irony. They like the visual effect: the transparency, the teasing details in the outfits like small feathers, glass beads, pendants... Regarding the colour, they prefer "safe colors" like black or white. The price is generally not an issue.

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