Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sausage Party

After a KFC smorgasbord last night which I chased with blueberries, shrimp chips and swedish fish, I should by all rights be curled up in bed with a tummy ache, but instead I'm ogling hearty food photos as I slurp my morning yogurt. And what's getting me particularly hot and bothered this AM is the Good Wife Sausage, available at the Belgian pub-restaurant, Frites. This new addition to their already lethal menu includes a half-metre-long sausage slathered in onions and gravy, coupled with mashed potatoes in case 50 centimetres of tubular meat isn't quite enough to satiate. I'm not sure what Freud would have to say about my current food fetish, but I'd be willing to trade years of therapy for a bite of this right now. And anyway, Freud was Austrian, so he probably had his fair share of sausage anyway. No pun or Freudian slip intended.

One of my seminal partners in gluttony blacklisted this place when we went last year during Chinese New Year, because he ordered the five-beer sampler, and in place of the esoteric home-brewed concoctions he expected, he got instead the likes of Stella Artois... how very exotic. But if memory serves, they do have pretty darn good mussels... so it may be time for a visit, before the cold weather subsides and the diet begins.

Frites is at Shop 1&2 1/F Queen’s Place, 79 Queens Road Central. Tel: 852 2179 5179.

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1 comment:

  1. Mussels from Brussels shouldnt even cost as much as they do at Frites. Passing cheap food off as expensive delicacies is dumb. These aren't oysters!