Friday, February 19, 2010

Bag Lady: Emilio Pucci Bean-shaped Clutch

Since our intrepid FashionGeek is putting her Geekness to good use by creating tabs for us on the page, I'm helping out with Bag Lady duties and boy are there a lot of hot handbags out there... I'm so used to looking for shoes that I've neglected this entire category of accessories on which I can squander more of my meager salary. Which, of course, would promptly go to waste as I'm the world's laziest person when it comes to switching purses, I've been carrying my Downtown every day for the past five weeks, no joke. I'm lazy to the point that I carry my dog-walking necessities (water, newspaper, dog snacks) in a paper bag like a hobo (ooh, a bag pun!) Anyway, back on topic... I love hard clutches for dressy events, and unusual shapes float my boat because they carry that look-at-me factor. As for this Emilio Pucci bean-shaped clutch, all I can say is... cool beans.

Get it at net-a-porter.

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