Monday, April 30, 2012

Geek Peek: Charlotte Olympia

Shoe maven Charlotte Olympia was in town a few weeks ago, and a few bloggers got the chance to catch up with her at the cocktail event. Gotta love her crazy platforms and unapologetically pin-up-girl aesthetic. Fifties for the win! Here's what she had to say:

What do you collect?
I collect mermaids -- ceramic mermaids, mermaid ashtrays... I've got a mermaid coffee table that someone gave me. They're pretty mermaids. A lot of them are from the 40s and 50s. Vintage mermaids or funny mermaids. Pictures. I've got a pair of shoes that I say mermaids would've liked to wear, if they had feet. It's the "she sells seashells" one, the really kitschy one.

What's on your lust list right now?
I would like so many things. Hard question for someone who likes to collect stuff. I'm really in my home right now, so I would like leopard print rug to put in my dressing room. A bit obvious, because I like leopard print. I would like hair-dryer, one of those old ones. Not to use, because I do my hair at the salon. But I want one in my dressing room because I think it would be a good focal point. I mean, I could use it, but I want one for decor, in pink. I do like things on the good side of kitsch. I have lots of spiderwebs, mermaids, leopard... you put it all together, it kind of works?

How do you define what's cool?
I like matchy-matchy. Some people could like what I like, but it doesn't work for them. What's not cool is trying something when you're not comfortable with it. It might be a really obvious answer, but I think it's really not cool, trying to be something you're not. Effortless can sometimes not effortless, but as long as it is for you... I mean, I would love to rock the blue hair tips, but I don't think I could rock it well. I think I could do all over, purple roots, but to each their own.

Images: here and here


SLY x Mika Ninagawa

If you’re looking for some colour to spruce up your summer outfits, then be sure to check out SLY’s latest collaboration with Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa. Prints from Ninagawa’s book, Ninadegi, have been selected for tote bags, t-shirts, dresses and makeup pouches and has just arrived in SLY’s retail stores last weekend. Close ups after the cut. Photo credit: ©ニナデジ by Mika Ninagawa


Friday, April 27, 2012

SHOErotica: Mugler Court Shoes

With PVC sides! Ugly/beautiful?

Get them at Opening Ceremony.


Bag Lady: Coach x James Nares

Since the inception of ART HK, May has kinda become the month for all things arty. And if you are attending all the exhibitions, openings and soirees, you might as well have a bag that is art related right? Or so I’m trying to convince myself for being quite enthralled by the Coach x James Nares collaboration and justifying that the limited edition bag is worth spending almost HK$7000 for. I can already hear the DIYers saying that it’s not that hard to splatter paint onto a bag but I really don’t think I’m up for rigging up a Mission Impossible-like setup and dangle from a wire to create James Nares’ signature single-stroke artwork. Available starting in May, the Coach x James Nares bags are being produced in five colours, (black, blue, green, pink and orange) and only 175 of each colour is produced globally. Each bag is numbered and features a Coach leather storypatch with James’ signature. What do you think?


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sophisticated Siren

Food and travel guest blogger hkLifestyleGeek gives us her take on jewellery. Contact her at

Jewellery stores are flogging their latest glittering pieces and marketing them for Mother's Day. But we thought this one would be too cute (and random) for mummy unless she's a huge Ariel fan. It's the Mermaid Pendant from Masterpiece by King Fook. The darling mermaid looks ravishing with her long locks and fish tail in a multi-layered arrangement of white, milky and silver diamonds. But we particularly like the sophisticated touch of the faceless mermaid wearing a bodice and giving her a pair of long gloves to wear.

Very classy!

Get it at King Fook.


Warehouse Sale: Moschino, Jimmy Choo, Anya Hindmarch, Paul Smith and Blumarine


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Geek Spy: ZAVVA Shots

A while back, I was sent some samples of ZAVVA shots to try and give my feedback. While the concept is nothing new, essentially two liquors in a shot glass with a partition, ZAVVA shots try to give it a local spin with its Asian-themed shots and the fact that the founder is Hong Kong bred and based. ZAVVA shots come in four flavours, Black Pearl (Coffee Liqueur & Vanilla Cream Liqueur), China White (Butterscotch Liqueur & Velvet Cream Liqueur), Jade Bomb (Herbal Liqueur & Energy Drink Liqueur) and Red Joy (Raspberry Liqueur & Velvet Cream Liqueur). When I received my Black Pearl and China White, I was slightly apprehensive as the description sounds sickeningly sweet and let’s face it, I’m at the age where I don’t do shots anymore being an old fuddy duddy. So when I finally tried it over the weekend, I was quite surprised to find that it wasn’t as sweet as I anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, I tried the Black Pearl and it’s definitely a sweet shot along the lines of a b52 while my fellow tasters tried the China White and said it’s almost like you’re drinking a dessert in a shot. But it’s an acceptable sort of sweet and I was pleasantly surprised. So if you’re in the mood for some affordable shots head on over to 7-Eleven where they retail for $20 a shot or in 4-packs for $69.90. And as always, be sure to drink responsibly!



Let's face it, the passing of time is meaningless. And before you start to think I'm going to get all philosophical and shit, this is actually what I mean: For me, the passing of time is marked by meals. So right now, as I'm typing this, it's 6:33pm on Tuesday night, aka an hour or so until dinner. When this post is published, 9am Wednesday morning, it will be four hours until lunch. Time really is marked as increments before meals -- and travels much faster when humankind discovered foodporn to help us get from meal to meal. Sort of like how real porn helps you get over those dry spells when no one wants to hump you. Welcome to my list of favourite foodporn sites, aka "What I look at all day long."

FOODPORN STOP #1: Tasteologie
I regularly spend time at this site cataloguing favourite recipes and links to awesome recipe blogs. And when I think of things I want to cook, the search engine is pretty handy. What's best is that the curators of the site seem to value food photography as much as the quality of the recipes. It's where I found the ultimate General Tso's formula, as well as the idea to make said chicken into soft tacos filled with fried rice, yums! Also features the odd educational or trend-based article, which makes you feel smart.

The differences between Tasteologie and Foodgawker aren't too substantial in terms of layout and format, except there's extra tabs: Favourites, Randomize and most importantly, Categories so that you can browse or search for specific things just as easily.

Part of a larger food community called Serious Eats, Photograzing is one part of the site that is purely dedicated to foodporn photos. I don't think there's a curation system in place, so anyone with an account can get their recipes up there, which is why it's best as purely visual stimulation. I hate when you see stuff like "fried rice recipe" duhhh.

The best thing Nibbledish has going for it is that is balks the three-to-a-row format adopted by all the above sites and goes for the gold with FOUR images per row. And in my world, more food = better site. In my world, more food = better people, better food, a better world. You can also search by tag, all-time faves and recently popular.

Really big pictures of food, one to a page, really good detail, and they have a cookbook too, if you're married to hard copy.

And, if you're getting desperate... Foodista's community recipes section features only two pictures to a row, and they're pretty shoddy photos, but if you've exhausted all the other sites, then it's worth a click. Foodista's own blog, of course, is much more well done, but it's less foodporny, more "XX celeb is now the face of XX food chain" or "Look at this sriracha iPhone case" (true story).

Okay, writing this post just made me super hungry, and it's now T minus 20 minutes to dinner time. Peace, and good eating!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stephen Webster Bijoux Tea at The Langham

I never realized how much we loved to feature afternoon tea collaborations with fashion or beauty brands until I went back to link to some of our favourites such as the Van Cleef tea, the Burberry trench coat cookies, the Stella McCartney tea sets, the Chloe tea, etc. If you’ve missed out on any of the ones mentioned before, you should head over to The Langham this week as Palm Court is showcasing a limited edition Stephen Webster Bijoux Tea created by Cherish Finden from The Langham, London.

The tea is inspired by Stephen’s most recent jewellery collection ‘Murder She Wrote’. Highlights of the tea includes the Guinness macaroon with blackcurrant jelly, a red peppercorn and dark chocolate shortbread and a roasted green pistachio Chantilly with airy meringue sponge.

The Stephen Webster Bijoux Afternoon Tea is priced at HK$318 per person and is available from now until 29 April. For reservations, please call Palm Court on 2132 7898.


Damaris Divine

Kind of obsessed with these little lingerie items from Damaris. To be found here.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday on Instagram

You can pretty much imagine this is what every Sunday will be from here on until winter returns: Good weather, brunch, wakeboarding, doggy time. The very few ingredients needed to translate into maximum satisfaction.


Lady GaGa Born This Way Tour outfits

By now you probably know that Lady GaGa is coming to Hong Kong. And that the insanity over the tickets made her extend the tour not once, twice but a total of three times making up four shows. The powers that be has just released the four sketches of her outfits as designed by Giorgio Armani per the above. What do you think? Does it fulfill your expectations? And will you be seeing them in the flesh?



Friday, April 20, 2012

Nail Files: OPI Minnie Mouse Nail Polish

I'm surprised this hasn't happened yet but then again, maybe it's just coz Hello Kitty has sold out to everything that I expect Ms Minnie Mouse to do the same. Anyway, it's just been announced that Ms Minnie has inspired a range of nail polishes from OPI which as expected is pink pink pink. I'm quite taken by the one on the far left called Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It. Would be keen to see what it looks like on a swatch. No fixed launch date yet but for now, I'm more into the Disney Villains collection done with MAC than this one. Maybe it's just too much pink. Give me some dark evil colours!

Source: Bella Sugar.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Preloved Fashion: Editor's Picks

You guys all know about the Preloved Fashion sale that's happening this Saturday, right? Essentially, a gang of us shopaholics are opening our closets for the public to ransack. It's your chance to get tons of designer goodies for much lower prices, because we ladies are too greedy for own our good and have problems actually wearing all the stuff we buy. So sad.

Anyway, we've been pretty diligent at uploading photos onto our Facebook page -- some 300 items have already been photographed for our online lookbook -- but I bet not all of you have the time and energy to click through all the albums, so I've created an Editor's Picks list to whittle down some of the most covetable items. Bear in mind that there's still loads of stuff that isn't up on the Facebook site (including goodies from my , so come on Saturday to check out the full load! I personally have my eye on the Prada Spring 2008 Trembled Blossom bag pictured above, as well as one other item which I won't share, because I don't want you to buy it before me.

Read on for more personal picks, including gorgeous crystal-studded Giuseppes not in my size, over-the-knee Fendi boots that will be perfect for next winter, studded pointy-toe Dior slingbacks that kind of remind me of this season's ladylike LV mules but without the steel cap (and will be going for UNDER $500, believe it or not), a classic Chanel 2.55, the three-colour Celine Luggage tote, YSL cage booties (so super sold out), a python Kotur clutch exactly like the ones you see celebs toting on the red carpet at the Oscars, a Gucci dress that I bought and promptly got too fat for before I ever wore it (selling for $1,500, also worn by January Jones and Taraji P Henson, POW!) and last but not least, a pair of Louboutins that I bought even though I knew they wouldn't fit, just because they were at a press sale and they were so beautiful.

Does it seem like I'm going to be shopping rather than selling? Story of my life.

DEETS: This Saturday April 21, 11am - 8pm (or whenever everything sells out, so come early), at Culture Club in Soho, 15 Elgin Street. RSVP at our Facebook invite here, or check out the merch here.


Bag Lady: Tod’s shopper

So pretty. Perfect for Spring. Or Mother's Day perhaps? Sidenote, where has 2012 gone? Why is it almost Mother's Day?