Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Let's face it, the passing of time is meaningless. And before you start to think I'm going to get all philosophical and shit, this is actually what I mean: For me, the passing of time is marked by meals. So right now, as I'm typing this, it's 6:33pm on Tuesday night, aka an hour or so until dinner. When this post is published, 9am Wednesday morning, it will be four hours until lunch. Time really is marked as increments before meals -- and travels much faster when humankind discovered foodporn to help us get from meal to meal. Sort of like how real porn helps you get over those dry spells when no one wants to hump you. Welcome to my list of favourite foodporn sites, aka "What I look at all day long."

FOODPORN STOP #1: Tasteologie
I regularly spend time at this site cataloguing favourite recipes and links to awesome recipe blogs. And when I think of things I want to cook, the search engine is pretty handy. What's best is that the curators of the site seem to value food photography as much as the quality of the recipes. It's where I found the ultimate General Tso's formula, as well as the idea to make said chicken into soft tacos filled with fried rice, yums! Also features the odd educational or trend-based article, which makes you feel smart.

The differences between Tasteologie and Foodgawker aren't too substantial in terms of layout and format, except there's extra tabs: Favourites, Randomize and most importantly, Categories so that you can browse or search for specific things just as easily.

Part of a larger food community called Serious Eats, Photograzing is one part of the site that is purely dedicated to foodporn photos. I don't think there's a curation system in place, so anyone with an account can get their recipes up there, which is why it's best as purely visual stimulation. I hate when you see stuff like "fried rice recipe" duhhh.

The best thing Nibbledish has going for it is that is balks the three-to-a-row format adopted by all the above sites and goes for the gold with FOUR images per row. And in my world, more food = better site. In my world, more food = better people, better food, a better world. You can also search by tag, all-time faves and recently popular.

Really big pictures of food, one to a page, really good detail, and they have a cookbook too, if you're married to hard copy.

And, if you're getting desperate... Foodista's community recipes section features only two pictures to a row, and they're pretty shoddy photos, but if you've exhausted all the other sites, then it's worth a click. Foodista's own blog, of course, is much more well done, but it's less foodporny, more "XX celeb is now the face of XX food chain" or "Look at this sriracha iPhone case" (true story).

Okay, writing this post just made me super hungry, and it's now T minus 20 minutes to dinner time. Peace, and good eating!

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