Friday, April 27, 2012

Bag Lady: Coach x James Nares

Since the inception of ART HK, May has kinda become the month for all things arty. And if you are attending all the exhibitions, openings and soirees, you might as well have a bag that is art related right? Or so I’m trying to convince myself for being quite enthralled by the Coach x James Nares collaboration and justifying that the limited edition bag is worth spending almost HK$7000 for. I can already hear the DIYers saying that it’s not that hard to splatter paint onto a bag but I really don’t think I’m up for rigging up a Mission Impossible-like setup and dangle from a wire to create James Nares’ signature single-stroke artwork. Available starting in May, the Coach x James Nares bags are being produced in five colours, (black, blue, green, pink and orange) and only 175 of each colour is produced globally. Each bag is numbered and features a Coach leather storypatch with James’ signature. What do you think?

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