Monday, April 30, 2012

Geek Peek: Charlotte Olympia

Shoe maven Charlotte Olympia was in town a few weeks ago, and a few bloggers got the chance to catch up with her at the cocktail event. Gotta love her crazy platforms and unapologetically pin-up-girl aesthetic. Fifties for the win! Here's what she had to say:

What do you collect?
I collect mermaids -- ceramic mermaids, mermaid ashtrays... I've got a mermaid coffee table that someone gave me. They're pretty mermaids. A lot of them are from the 40s and 50s. Vintage mermaids or funny mermaids. Pictures. I've got a pair of shoes that I say mermaids would've liked to wear, if they had feet. It's the "she sells seashells" one, the really kitschy one.

What's on your lust list right now?
I would like so many things. Hard question for someone who likes to collect stuff. I'm really in my home right now, so I would like leopard print rug to put in my dressing room. A bit obvious, because I like leopard print. I would like hair-dryer, one of those old ones. Not to use, because I do my hair at the salon. But I want one in my dressing room because I think it would be a good focal point. I mean, I could use it, but I want one for decor, in pink. I do like things on the good side of kitsch. I have lots of spiderwebs, mermaids, leopard... you put it all together, it kind of works?

How do you define what's cool?
I like matchy-matchy. Some people could like what I like, but it doesn't work for them. What's not cool is trying something when you're not comfortable with it. It might be a really obvious answer, but I think it's really not cool, trying to be something you're not. Effortless can sometimes not effortless, but as long as it is for you... I mean, I would love to rock the blue hair tips, but I don't think I could rock it well. I think I could do all over, purple roots, but to each their own.

Images: here and here

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  1. I love Charlotte Olympia's mermaid influence. I totally thought those shoes looked like something a mermaid would wear, if they had feet that is. I think mermaid's are a great influence because they are quite feminine, but also have a great strength and sense of humor. Those three things, I think, define my own personal style and would love to find pieces that represent that feeling.

  2. I had seen those cat flats before, but I didn't know they were designed by Charlotte Olympia- I think they are really fun! She does seem to be quite a character, and it doesn't surprise me that she is an artistic person. I also really like the pin up and 40s and 50s aesthetic, but like she says, I don't know if it would actually work on me. I like that she doesn't seem to want people to force themselves in to designs, but would rather find people who feel the designs are meant for them. Charlotte Olympia sounds like a cool and quirky woman indeed.

  3. Everything but the shoes. Such a gorgeous color! love the shoes so much!