Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Stella Performance

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental continues to kick butt with its fun little MO Bar tea sets. This month, it's an all-vegan extravaganza that comes courtesy of Stella McCartney, with cute cakes and sweet sandwiches and other tasty treats. Mama loves her snacks as much as she does her alliteration. Don't let the whole vegan thing throw you off -- this tea set retains yummy points while removing the sin, so you can munch away on animal-cruelty-free nibbles without guilt. Check out the little cocktail dresses, printed with the same fruity designs found on Stella's actual garments (they had to send those out to a special food printer to get them done so precisely) -- too sweet. Of course, on the day I actually went to test-drive the tea, I was so busy shoveling treats that I thought they were fishes. I'm not very bright at all.

Call (852) 2132 0077 now if this floats your boat, because word is the first two weeks are booked out already, and this runs only until the end of March.

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