Friday, March 11, 2011

iPhone Show & Tell: Louis Vuitton Amble

Louis Vuitton has launched an iPhone app that is based on the concept of traveling creating a nice tie in with their LV city guides. Named Amble, the app uses GPS and augmented reality to offer you locations of interest and to keep a digital diary of your journeys. It’s a great idea in concept but when I downloaded the app, I found the user interface to be a bit unintuitive which lead to a lot of poking around my app and I’ve yet to successfully record an amble. But that might also be due to the fact that I’m trying to use it on my commute to work when the app is really something for you to do when you are leisuring wandering around and exploring an area (which given my hectic schedule lately, I am not really doing).

The purpose of recording these ambles are to share with your friends highlighting the hidden gems of a city you may be living in or traveling to. (Of course, there is also a tie in to purchase the LV city guides as an in app purchase.) There will also be free featured ambles highlighting select LV city guides’ recommendations, however I’ve yet to find the Hong Kong recommendation at the moment. Perhaps at a later date?

One nice feature is that celebrity collaborators also show their ambles so for example you can see where Christy Turlington likes to wander about in New York or Rachel Weisz in London. Now if only they do one for Hong Kong so that I can experience this feature! All in all, brilliant idea and definitely something worth checking out if you are traveling to another country but with the lack of Hong Kong related content at the moment, not too user friendly for those who are based here. Download the app here.

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