Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Olive Garden

Lovely lovely clothing courtesy of Olive Shoppe, so awesome I suspect it's too cool for me, even though I want to be the type of girl who can wear a sheer skirt attached to a studded sweater with a pair of denim shorts very obviously underneath... Or a backless oxford shirt with an entirely sheer stomach area... all sorts of body issues floating up here at the thought of such an ensemble on my ever-expanding frame. As if the buyers knew that no one above a size small would look good in such a garment, it's available only in that size.

It does not in any way deter me from surfing, and surfing HARD. My quivering index figure is poised over my laptop trackpad with an urgent trajectory. And with free shipping (from their base in Thailand) with a purchase of over US$250? The desire, the itch to buy, buy and buy is really more than one can resist. Because everything has been culled from the wardrobe of the girl that I think I am somewhere in my head. Oh, and they do vintage, too.

The team behind Olive Shoppe was based in Cali before heading Asia-wards, and claim to want to be an antidote to trend-based buying. I guess the irony is, looking at this stuff, I think it SHOULD be the trend. So much better than, say, a studded bucket bag that will scrape and ruin the fabric around your hips whenever you use it. I mean, a hooded backpack. Who doesn't want one?

I'll ignore the fact that I see looks styled with "trendy" Jeffrey Campbell Clinics.

More goodness after the jump. PS Does anyone want to order stuff if I don't reach $250, so we all get free shipping? This is a serious question. Tweet me @cko01 or comment on the FB!

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