Thursday, March 17, 2011

Come Tumi

I love me some unique luggage (says the girl who has a boring black suitcase and a equally as boring but just as practical beige carry on.) It’s not that I am afraid to get something fun yet all the really cool luggage tend to be hard cases and much as I want to stand out, I am not willing to forego the baggage weight for my shopping sprees when I’m on holiday. As I was telling the lovely Catherine and Neil from Net-A-Porter over drinks the other night, ShoeGeek and I validate each other’s shopping habits by justifying that if you are overseas, then shopping embargos simply don’t count. And if that’s the case (no pun intended) of course I’d go for the lighter suitcase.

Nevertheless, I do find Tumi’s latest collaboration with renowned New York graffiti artist John “Crash” Matos quite cool. This limited edition series is called the Tumi Tag Collection and while I have the urge to spray paint my suitcases, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to do it to this effect. The Tumi Tag Collection comprises of four pieces where the interior of each bag features one of four drawings created by Crash as well as the edition number. 1000 of each style have been produced alongside an iPhone 4 case. The Tumi Tag collection will be is available now in Tumi stores and selected department stores worldwide.

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