Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pure Pore-fection

"Die, pores, die!" That's me every morning and evening as I peer into the mirror into the cavernous depths of my visible pores. FashionGeek has been raving about the Clarisonic Plus, a gadget that exfoliates and drives dirt out of your epidermis with high efficiency using micro massage techniques, when I came across the Pore-fector by Bliss, something that looked equally hardcore, but I haven't had the chance to try yet. The way that the Pore-fector works is by creating sonic vibrations that, when combined with the Bliss detoxifying facial toner, creates microjets to to purge your clogged pores of deep-rooted dirt and other nasty microbes.

So the real question is -- Bliss or Clarisonic? I actually found a bunch of reviews online that suggest that for a truly squeaky clean complexion, you might even want to use both. The Clarisonic acts as a surface cleanser to help skin shed build-up, while the Pore-fector goes in deep afterwards to drive out anything that's buried deep down. Now, cost-wise, this adds up a bit -- at $1,435 for the Pore-fector Gadget Kit and $2,000 for the Clarisonic Plus, that's a pair of on-sale Louboutins you've just dropped at the beauty counter. Internet wisdom suggests that this type of investment is on the slightly pricey side for anyone who already has pretty good skin, but if you're prone to breakouts and/or like me, your facial appointments are few and much too far between, then $3,500 for a fresh mug is a good investment indeed. Especially if your shoe closet is already woefully bursting at the seams.

Judge for yourself the effects of the Bliss Pore-fector gadget. Readers of Hong Kong Fashion Geek can go to the Bliss counters listed below to receive a complimentary 8-minute Pore-fector Gadget Fabulous service by presenting a printout of this blog post (or if you have a smartphone, just bookmark it!) Please note that booking in advance is required.

Lane Crawford, Pacific Place 2118 3966
FACES, Harbour City 3586 0246

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