Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Designer Togs for Dogs

A bit of news if you haven't yet heard -- Balenciaga is set to launch a small range of dog accessories to include leashes and collars next season. The items will ring it at up to US$295 in colours such as those shown above. Here's to hoping that means we will see pups on the runway escorted by the typical models...

From a retail point of view, I can't imagine why anyone would drop that kind of dollar on what looks like a fairly non-descript solid-coloured neon collar. The appeal of Gucci and Louis Vuitton dog accessories is, of course, the show-off factor of the monogram. But you could buy any old neon pink, yellow or green dog collar and your canine BFF will look just as sharp as any Balenciaga-boasting bulldog. And you can spend the difference on dog treats -- your dog will love you more for it.

Image: InStyle

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