Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Somme of Parts

Let's keep this short and sweet, much like the beauty routine advocated by the Somme Institute, a skincare brand sold at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental. Use it.

Most beauty brands suggest that we need different products for different skin types; sometimes even different products for different times of year, different parts of your face, different climates, etc. Somme Institute tells you to say buh-bye to a counter top full of products in favour of a five-step routine that you use day in, day out, no matter what the circumstance. The philosophy is simple: Instead of treating dry skin with moisture or acne-prone skin with zit-zapping juice, the five products just bomb your skin with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients until it's forced to be healthy and good.

I've been using the line for a few months now and love it -- and the whole five-product thing might seem like a hassle, but it's customisable to your own routine. Plus, you can layer the stuff on without waiting for anything to dry. It also appears that the key suite isn't all five products, but the middle three. So keep your own cleanser (preferably a non-foaming one that won't overdry) and then apply 2 (Transport pads for exfoliation), 3 (Serum), and 4 (A-bomb moisturizer), and follow up with Somme's Treat & Tint SPF tinted moisturizer instead of 5 (Double Defense). And then wait for your skin to look and feel great.

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