Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Twitter Tips: Best Ramen/ Noodle Joints

This week’s Twitter Tips seemed to be rather controversial. Although I asked for both noodle and ramen joints (to avoid the whole there’s no good ramen in HK debate), it seems that ramen is still a hotly contested topic amongst you folks.

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Image: Courtesy of Misocool

@hkFashionGeek - 華南粉麵茶餐廳 Wah Lam Noodle Restaurant - BEST 牛什、牛筋、牛腩河 ever!!!!

@hkFashionGeek Mist in CWB! Favourite is Ume shio ramen, and the seasonal tonkotsu ramen with buta kakuni if they're serving it!

@hkFoodGeek MIST has the best ramen but it comes with a price! SO GOOD!

@hkFashionGeek Ramen is so controversial! I'm an Ippei-an fan!

@jisampedro @hkFashionGeek Hakodate in Quarry Bay, for sure. Same owners as Sapporo in Exchange Sq. but $20 cheaper across the board!

@hkFashionGeek my first ever submission (but a very boring one) - Mist

@hkFashionGeek Vegetarian Kitchen in Mongkok near Dundas Street. Here's where I get my Ramen fix.

@hkFashionGeek this one is my favourite Inaniwa Udon Nabe, but more for the side dishes. does that count?

@hkFoodGeek Maybe, I'm not sure. Some of my ramen bars have definitely gotten busier. Either way, my vote is Ramen Sanpachi in Causeway. :)

@hkFashionGeek @e_ting Hiyashi Chuuka! Perfect now it's starting to get steamy in Bangkok. You all still freezing in HK?

@hkFashionGeek @jisampedro @adalinelau it's sapporo ramen in olympian city. I love it too! I also love 888 ^_^

@hkFashionGeek @e_ting well if it is noodles.... Being in HK it has to be wonton not Jp ramen ;). I still £> Mak's

@TomEats @hkFashionGeek yeah I say Mak An Kee :)

@e_ting @TomEats @hkFashionGeek Ho Hung Kee in cwb is pretty good too.

@hkFashionGeek lol thaz coz we're all spoilt by the real deal in JP o.O ermmm id say Morihachi Kitchen if not Mist :) x

@hkFashionGeek since you seem in such dire need of suggestions...ill reveal my secret joint :P Yachiyo in Kau U Fong SHHHH #hkfgtwittertips

@hkFashionGeek I do like a small noodle shop in shumshuipo called Lau Sum Kee, if u happen to venture out to that side of the hood.

@hkFoodGeek Victory Beef Ball & Ka Lai Yuen....both at Yuen Long. Can't decide what's my them both! :-P

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