Thursday, March 3, 2011

Made in HK: Miss Fong in Hong Kong

We haven’t done a Made in HK in a while but when I came across fellow blogger Miss Fong in Hong Kong’s etsy store, I can’t help but revive this column. How cute are these dim sum jewellery? With adorable names like Harry the Har Gow and Billy the Bolobao, these pieces are bound to bring a piece of local flavour to your outfit.

5 Fun Facts

Why Miss Fong in Hong Kong?
To turn everyday objects in Hong Kong, whether ordinary, ugly or bizarre, into cute and laughable items.

Best-selling piece:
The cockroaches have been selling pretty well despite their initial 'ew' factor.

Most-used material:
FIMO! A sculpting clay that comes in all sorts of pretty colours and hardens in the oven.

Piece that you can't bear to part with:
Charlie the Cheung Fun. He was actually unplanned but turned out really well, so I've definitely got a soft spot for him. Let's hope his broodles turn out just as nice!

What’s next?
Look out for a brand new line of miniature beggars inspired by HK's very own, to debut at the Handmade Hong Kong fair coming up on 20 March 2011 in Discovery Bay. Hope to see you there!

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