Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crystal Clear

I tend to be rather lazy when it comes to going to events (undoubtedly residual resistance from the days of print publishing when I had to go to quite a few of them.) Yet, when I was invited to the Aura by Swarovski launch, I immediately said yes because a) I’m interested in pretty much all things beauty related (as evidenced by my odes to MAC, Clarisonic, nail polish etc.) and b) I’m interested in seeing how a crystal brand that has launched a host of accessories from jewellery to USB drives would tackle the beauty segment.

Smartly enough, Swarovski seemed to realize its strength is in design and so partnered with the perfume experts of Clarins Fragrance Group to develop Aura. The scent itself is very suitable for the coming warm months (if the weather does decide to make up its mind to go warm. I’m shivering in my jacket right now while contemplating hot chocolate and it’s near April!) Notes of lychee, white jasmine and rose are evident in the fragrance. The EDT is rather light and the scent fades after an hour and a half.

The concept of the design is based on “light” which makes sense for Swarovski. After all, light reflecting off crystals are always so pretty. The EDT bottle is asymmetrical and faceted to diffract light with a singular crystal atop the bottle. In addition to the perfume, the Aura by Swarovski line also offers a body care line as well as a jeweled pendant (similar to the ones that Christian Dior does) that holds either a pink gloss or a silver shimmer. One thing worth noting is that all the EDT bottles are refillable which is a nice gesture towards environmental friendliness, and I definitely appreciate that from the brand.

Available at Clarins counters and at Swarovski starting April 15 2011. Prices range from HK$420 to HK$750 for the fragrance, HK$270 to HK$550 for the body care line and HK$530 to HK$610 for the jewel.

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