Thursday, March 31, 2011

SHOErotica: Nude Show

Everybody loves a good nude shoe. Acne's pin-heeled boot, Lanvin's peep-toe ribboned wedge (above), and Alexander Wang's new stilettoed Freja motorcycle bootie all fit the bill.

Get them all at SSense.

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  1. Hi Fashion Geek. By total coincidence, I just posted my spring shoe-shopping preview, which includes all nude models. (Shoe models, boys, not actual nude models).
    And not having read your post first, I included Lanvin, Alexander Wang and Acme, too.
    Mine are a bit more practical than the ones here -- I actually need to buy new shoes to run around Hong Kong. I need shoes that will get me from home to MTR to office.
    But we must be of the same mind.
    I linked to SHOErotica.

  2. Hey Joyce -- great minds think alike! And by the way, if you're in the market for those patent nude Wangs, I saw a pretty similar pair at Pedder Red, they're wingtip laceups but same shape and also have a removable strap that goes around it likes the Wangs -- but only $895. I almost almost bought them. Actually I'm still thinking about them. My girlfriend got them in black and said they're super comfy.

    And thanks for the linklove!

  3. Oh and btw, both FashionGeek and I have Kindles and LOVE THEM, so go for it.