Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Artwalk at Taikoo Place

Arts and culture guest blogger hkCultureGeek, Gillian Chu, is a Hong Kong raised Canadian who enjoys exploring the secret cultural spots around town. You can contact her at hkCultureGeek@hkFashionGeek.com.

By now you would have probably figured out that I am quite fond of the Taikoo Place. The abundant amount of cultural activity happening in this commercial complex never cease to amaze me. Other than the perpetual events, they also have a collection of artwork, both locally and internationally sourced, that are permanently displayed within the office buildings. Here are a couple of collections that I quite admire:

City Shadows (Dorset House and PCCW Tower)

These two pieces of sculptures were specifically created for Taikoo Place by Allen Jones R.A. I like these sculptures because it has been cutted out much like traditional Chinese paper art, and it is interesting to see something that is meant to be intricate to be blown up in such a large scale.

Subjectivity and Suspense (Warwick House)

This painting is three-dimensional, and was precisely created by Lincoln Seligman. I like these paintings because of the trick it plays with the eyes. The column is actually part of the painting, and the gold paint is applied in different shades to create a three-dimensional effect, when it is actually a flat surface.

The Real Me (One Island East)

This is a set of thirteen wooden sculptures by Kevin Fung, reflecting while ridiculing office politics. I particularly like these three sculptures out of the set. The first exemplifies how people in workplace rise up by pushing down others, and promotions are just like playing a game of stone, paper, scissors. For me, the second sculpture is like corporations mugging housewives with IPO prospectuses and other complex financial derivatives. The third sculpture reminds me of fashionistas clashing clothes in parties.

Moving Scenery (Cornwall House)

The blotches of mercury-like sculptures are by Danny Lee, which are suppose to represent water flowing. It is situated alongside the escalator, in order to give the feeling of moving with the passengers.

If you work nearby and want to take a well deserved break during lunch, do try and spot all the pieces in the Artwalk. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Also, from now until 18 March 2011, Bloom - Professor Richard Yu's Charity Photo Exhibition will be held in Lincoln House. For those of you who likes photography of flower blossoms, this is definitely one not to be missed!

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