Wednesday, March 2, 2011

LFW Redux: Mary Katrantzou

You're probably very sick of these fashion week collages. I know. But every time I tell myself to find something else to write about, I start surfing and then once again get dragged into the vicious circle that is fashion week. In this case, what's pulling me towards the maelstrom is Mary Katrantzou, who's been around for a bit now but only really started getting fantastically hot last season, with a collection inspired by -- what else? -- a room. The same influences still reign this Fall, but instead of lampshades and windows, we get ornate Ming vases. Amid a sea of labels whose dominant traits include signature house prints, signature colours, signature silhouettes, signature accessories, signature fabrics or signature techniques, Mary Katrantzou stands out as being a clothing line whose signature attribute is its fascination with the world of interiors. While many designers struggle to diversify while staying true to their houses' key characteristics, this brand has a central conceit that is both unique and yet broad enough to be mined continually in new and exciting ways. I'm pretty excited to see how it will use that to its advantage.

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1 comment:

  1. lovin these colors and patterns!!!! :D yes, fashion week is all the rave at the mo but it's bound to happen,lol