Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I’m of the camp that you can never have too many bottles of nail polish. Of course, I’m also the girl who somehow has managed to spent nearly $3000 on nail polish in the past year and at about $70 a bottle, well... you do the math. That however, doesn’t stop me from wanting more. I’ve jumped onto the cracked nail polish band wagon which has made a return after OPI launched their black shatter polish and now I hear they are doing a silver shatter for their Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides collaboration. This new collection includes six limited-edition nail polishes each with the signature OPI quirky name; Planks a Lot (purple); Sparrow Me the Drama (pink); Steady as She Rose (light pink), Skull & Glossbones (light gray); Mermaid's Tears (green); Stranger Tides (sage); and of course, Silver Shatter, a shimmering silver top coat that cracks up to show the colours beneath. Available starting May.

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