Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Launch My Line Review


ShoeGeek was the one who introduced me to America's Next Top Model (season four when we both rooted very hard for Naima only to have her win and absolutely fail to make an impact in the fashion world. We were still naive then and believed the show was actually about modelling.) And since then, it's been a downhill slope. During the time when we worked together in the same office, we'd be discussing ANTM, Project Runway, American Idol, even Stylista (yes, we were geekily happy that there was a reality show on magazines and kinda sad when it got canceled) almost on a daily basis. So when we were offered first look at the new fashion reality series Launch My Line from Sony Entertainment Television on NowTV (Ch 514) which premieres tonight, it was only natural that we accept.

So first thoughts, I didn't realise this show was actually from Bravo during the period when PR went to Lifetime. I remember watching The Fashion Show but would have definitely given this show a shot as well. Apparently, it missed my radar coz Bravo kept delaying the show and ended up slugging it in the 11pm slot. So it wasn't with a very promising first impression that I started watching the show with. But to my surprise, it's actually not bad. It definitely won't replace PR as the new hit fashion reality series but then again, I enjoyed the premise and thought it has promise. Below are a few more impressions.

3:45 minutes in, I decided to rewind the show as I realise that the first episode would make a rather good drinking game. Take a shot every time the word "line" is mentioned. At first it may not seem a lot but when Dan and Dean of DSquared2 arrives, that's when it really kicks off. In the first 30 seconds of Dan and Dean, they say the word line 11 times. Yes, I actually counted.

With regards to the cast, I think it could have been stronger. We have these people who come from all sorts of backgrounds from DJs to architects to jewellery designers to fashion critics to CEO and makes for an eclectic mix. There's a Richie Rich clone who immediately name drops that he's been on the front row of Heatherette shows and is trying to make the word "dandy" the fierce of Project Runway (but he ain't no Christian Siriano) but other than that guy, I can't quite remember the others.

I think the problem is that these people don't know how to sew and instead had to rely on the fashion 'expert designers' that they are paired up with which immediately makes me wonder who these experts are and if they are so well known, why don't they have their own line? (Drink.) So we have a group of people who, by their own words, are successful in their chosen professions and are now coming onto a show to be designers yet they don't have any knowledge of the actual design process and are depending on their partner who we don't know much about.

During the judging, I expected Dan and Dean to be a bit meaner a la Michael Kors but they were surprisingly gentle and while that may be good in real life, that does not make good reality TV! But it's only the first episode so I'm hoping they will unleash their claws soon. I do think that the premise is pretty fun and if it were the "Dancing with the Stars" of fashion reality TV, that would make for a kick ass show. Perhaps season two?

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