Monday, March 21, 2011

Fresh Prints

When one good DIY idea hits Etsy, you can expect a million others to follow. It doesn't say much about the state of creativity nowadays, but I suppose it's good news for the consumer, who benefits greatly I'm sure from competitive pricing and increased variety. In the case of vintage book pages printed over with nifty illustrations, that means you can choose from hundreds of designs, none of which cost any more than US$10.

Check out some of my faves below the cut -- expectedly, you'll find corgis or pandas alongside such specimens as primitive robots, shipwrecks cause by octopi, various anatomical parts and fresh produce. If you can draw it, you can print it, and although that doesn't mean anyone will buy it, people are, to the tune of 3,000-plus sales in every single shop I found, including: Dreamery Studio, Winterberry Cottage, CollageORama and the exceedingly popular Little Bluebird Studios. Buy in bulk, then frame and distribute around your house for a little bit of repurposed chic.

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