Monday, January 31, 2011

Sonic Rush

Being a Geek, I’m constantly on the lookout for new gadgets where it be of the gaming variety to the beauty variety. Past experience however, has told me that often, while beauty gadgets claim all these amazing benefits, rarely do I actually see the results soon enough for me to continue using the product. Not so with the Clarisonic Plus.

My understanding is that the Clarisonic brush uses a gentle sonic micro-massage action to deep cleanse the skin. Apparently, clinical results show that six time more makeup is removed than manual cleansing so I was eager to try out the product when offered a trial.

The Clarisonic Plus comes with a set of cleansing products but for my trial, I decided to use my own cleanser that I’ve been using regularly to see if I can really feel the difference. (The Borghese Creme Extraordinaire Foaming Cleanser for those who are curious.) What you do is remove your eye makeup first with your regular remover since the Clarisonic brush isn’t recommended for your eyes but otherwise just wet your face and lather up the cleanser. Then turn on the Clarisonic and run it over your face in small circular motions for a minute. The Clarisonic comes preset that it beeps at intervals so 20 sec for the forehead then 20 sec for the nose and chin area and 10 sec each for the cheeks.

After using it for the first time, my skin felt noticeably tighter but wary of the placebo effect, I refrained from writing this post. It’s now been two weeks of using the Clarisonic daily (I’ve been using it every evening but now might bump it up to twice a day with morning and night runs.) In terms of results, I’ve noticed that my acne has virtually disappeared. I’m prone to breakouts whenever I’m stressed and for the past few months, acne has been my Voldemort. And it’s not been a particularly stress free two weeks either what with a full time job, planning events for Social Media Week and coming up with posts. But whenever I felt a breakout coming, during the cleansing, I would focus a bit more on that area and the next day, the acne noticeably swells down.

After two full weeks of using the Clarisonic Plus, I must admit I’m a convert. While the gadget doesn’t come cheap, retailing at HK$2,100 and only available at Joyce Beauty, this is an investment worth making.

Clarisonic is a sponsor of Hong Kong Fashion Geek Photo Hunt and included in the grand prize is a Clarisonic Plus. So whip out that Smartphone and get ready to scour Hong Kong boutiques to be the first to win the Photo Hunt if you’d like your very own Clarisonic Plus for free. Register here.

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