Monday, January 3, 2011

Ra-ra Ramen!

If you follow my tumblr then you'll have seen this shot of my crabmeat ramen from Morihachi Kitchen at Canal Road, aka Goose Neck Bridge. Foodies have been raving about Butao, the ramen joint on On Wo Lane in Central for which diehards will line up for two hours. I have no such patience. This may seem at odds when you read this infamous post, in which I sit on the streets of Central for four hours in the middle of the night, but this Geek does not wait for food. In fact, the first thing I did before getting in line at H&M was to stop by McDonald's for a Filet o' Fish. A HUNGRY GEEK IS NOT A HAPPY GEEK.

Anyway, so the big whoop about Butao is that they only serve 100 bowls of ramen a day. And walking through the market on our daily pilgrimage between home and Times Square, I spotted a sign outside Morihachi that said they too were limited to 200 bowls per day. No crazy lines, though, thankfully.

According to the waiter, the reason for the 200-bowl limit wasn't because they were trying to be cocky assholes, but because they only have enough soup base to cater to 200 customers. The menu showed intense-looking bowls of ramen, filled to the brim with juicy condiments and with soup bases so opaque they caused saliva to start forming in my mouth almost immediately. Twenty-four hours later, we were seated in the restaurant, which features a slim menu divided into four sections, based on soup bases: miso, spicy miso, pork (I think?) and lobster. My bro and I ordered from the lobster ramen (crabmeat for me, seafood for him) and Loretta went for the big ticket item, the $89 Wagyu beef strip udon.

The lobster soup was pretty darn good, reaching the point of lobster bisque in consistency.

But that wagyu beef in the miso soup was a clear winner. Even though it was a good $20 more than our noodles, it was worth the extra cost. What is IN that bowl? Liquid, beef-flavoured cocaine (or insert drug of preference). That good. So for the new year, whatever your resolution is -- give up smoking, exercise more, get to work on time, be a nicer human being -- reward yourself with a big bowl of wagyu beef noodles.

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  1. any restaurant that uses Mister Ajikko as wallpaper is definitely a winner to me.