Monday, January 24, 2011

Geek Spy: Cassette-tape Chic

We're kind of weirdly obsessed with iPhone cases over here at Geek Central. I say "weirdly" because we get pretty darn excited when we spot random/ridiculous mobile-phone outerwear, but pretty much since I got my iPhone 4, I've only used a fuschia snake-print hard case, only the most generic-looking accessory known to a Hong Kong girl. My co-worker Jimmy, however, is sporting this retro-fab cassette tape case, which is a bit of a conversation-starter (even if it's not a very interesting conversation. Example: "Nice iPhone case, haha, it's a cassette tape!" "Thanks.")

It reminded me of this tacky but mysteriously cool mirror I saw at Homeless in Causeway Bay... I took a covert picture because I was all like... "I'm not paying for THIS, I can make it myself with a mirror and stack of cassette tapes at home!" Never mind the fact that I haven't owned a cassette tape in over 15 years." It has not happened. Yet.

And then I was on Etsy again because I wasn't inspired to blog about anything and Etsy is the internet's repository for untold stories... and serendipitously, I found these cassette tape necklaces, which aren't really very worth buying for yourself, but are kind of a cute idea if you're into the whole '80s-rapper-kitsch look. From miscii.

More wearable and with the same nostalgia factor are these 8-bit trinkets featuring hearts and little space-invader dudes. They may look daunting or ridiculous in the photos, but notice -- they're small and delicate and perfect for placement right at your collarbone.

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