Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So Long Panda Eyes

Both Geeks have recently discovered the miracle of gel eyeliner after spending a good decade looking like pandas at the end of the day no thanks to the blasted pencil eyeliner. And since then, I’ve been eagerly looking to add to my collection. Yes, I consider my two Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners a collection. I’ve discovered that unlike pencil eyeliners where you can go generic (coz after all, no matter how expensive the pencil, I look like a smokey eye gone wrong anyway after a few hours), branded gel eyeliners really do make a difference. In an attempt to expand the colours I have on hand, I tried some Japanese brand from SaSa and the panda effect was not pretty. So I was curious to see whether or not MAC would live up to my expectations.

MAC has just launched a new Stylishly Yours collection with a bunch of bright popping colours. The theory is that a simple switch-up is all that’s required to change your makeup palette. And from their fluidline offerings, besides the traditional black, they have this pretty colour called blackened plum. So after trying that out for a week, I’m happy to report back that MAC’s fluidline lasts all day and is comparable to the Bobbi Brown. Oh and for those who are keen to see what other offerings are in this collection. Check out the nice image index I created for you.

Prices range from HK$130-HK$195
Available Jan 13 at all MAC locations.

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