Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Designer Discovery: Max Tan

The new year is perfect for clean lines and sculptured glory. When you're trying to detox and come out a more streamlined version of yourself, it helps to have the gear to go with. Think about it this way: if you want to be a successful golfer, you'd be more motivated if you dropped a buttload of cash on clubs, golf shoes, funny Kangol berets and plaid pants. So if you want to shed your bad habits and start fresh, you need a new, clean palette with which to kick off.

Singaporean designer Max Tan has the perfect line for that. All artfully hewn and manipulated into the perfect symmetrical shapes, the clothing is hauntingly beguiling -- the detail looks painstaking and the ideas both complex and innovative. I'm contemplating a Singapore weekend trip at the end of this month, and this may just be the thing that tips the scales in favour of going. Check the official site here, on which you must view the archives. Loving Spring 2010's all-white luscious layering, and the obvious evolution of his high-concept, thoughtful, detailed minimalism throughout the past few years. Can't wait to see this man continue to develop.

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