Friday, January 7, 2011

False Start

My posts this week have all been kind of random and directionless, I know. Like you really want to know what I want for my belated birthday present, or who's making stuffed felt body parts. I apologize for this, it's taking a while to get back into the swing of work and things -- blogging included. I think I'll be better next week, or if not, when the ice covering my brain melts.

In the meantime, I figured I might as well continue my streak of random/uninteresting-interesting posts, by alerting you to this plotline coincidence. Don't bother clicking on if you haven't seen Inception. But if you have, if you're willing to sit through and download 26 pages of this Duck Tales comic (and it's Friday, what better things do you have to do?) you'll discover eerie similarities between the two plotlines -- but this comic was published in 2004. Perhaps it's a case of plagiarism or... perhaps it's subconscious, like Christopher Nolan read this comic six years ago and the idea was planted in his head... or maybe the writers of Duck Tales actually went into Nolan's head six years ago and planted this seed of thought so that their incredible layered-dream idea would eventually see light of day as a mega blockbuster. Or MAYBE I'm just overthinking again.

Either way, it's pretty interesting.

Sometimes, I'm surprised that people read this blog. We are a fairly broad lifestyle blog, but we are also very very personal -- we're not comprehensive with information a lot of times, we bitch and reveal too much about our personal lives, and we (er, I) make many, many bad puns. Not to mention the fact that most of what this blog is, is "I like this [insert item of clothing, shoes, bag, tech product, iPhone game, home furnishing etc], do you like it too?" Anyway, excuse this moment of self-indulgent self-reflection and doubt. Go play with the ducks now, and ignore me, I'll be sitting in the corner pondering the meaning of life and blogs.

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  1. Don't ponder so much about meaning of blogs, they are meant to compliment life and reflect your mood for the moment. And since you all are so cheerful, your blog is light hearted and easy going! Please keep it up and "I like this [insert item of clothing, shoes, bag, tech product, iPhone game, home furnishing etc] too!" :)

  2. Irene, you are the nicest! I think I write self-deprecating things just so I can see your positive comments :)

  3. I enjoy listening (or in this case, reading) you ramble bc I learn new things - like Paul the Octopus.