Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Half Baked

I’ve been on a baking kick lately, mostly because I think I took the past week off and so actually had some time on my hands. And yes, actual baking as opposed to being stoned which I know the title references but I was thinking more along the lines of the half-baked cakes from The Phantom Tollbooth. Check out the cheese puffs I made last week. Of course, that triggered my urge to find interesting items to spruce up my kitchen and this is where I hail the glory of the internet. It is a beautiful thing that allows me to shop and avoid the cold weather. And look at all these geeky kitchen items available online! Who knew that ThinkGeek and the MoMa store would be such good candidates for kitchen gadgets? Items on my to covet list, the ninja cookie cutters and the all edges brownie pan. My choices from MoMa include the index chopping board ideal for those worried about cross contamination , Russian dolls measuring cups that seem to be more cute than useful, pig cooking lid that I’ve seen in Japan and gives me a chuckle whenever I see the demos where the steam comes out of its snout, and a spaghetti like scrub. From ThinkGeek, besides the ninja cookie cutters and all edges brownie pan, I get a kick out of the Rubik’s cube salt and pepper shaker and the giant microbe dishwasher dispenser (also can be used as soap dispenser for the bathroom!)

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  1. cute baking gadgets!:D I just baked some x'mas and nye cookies with some friends last month! Had a blast and mind u,its my first time bakin in HK,


  2. wow pretty cool stuff ... nice baking gadgets ... thanks for the blog ...

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