Monday, January 31, 2011

Gleek Chic

For some reason the Glee cast has always had strangely appalling red-carpet style. But I can sort of live with what they've thrown together for the SAG awards this year. In particular, kudos to Brittany (I don't remember her real name) who's actually looking relatively refined here. Hair is good, juxtaposition with Kevin McHale -- Artie -- is good.

Her good friend Santana, or Naya Rivera, continues to get it so, so wrong. She had the misfortune of choosing a gown very similar to Lea Michele's, but... the not-so-good version. And the not-so-good boobs. The other thing that continues to baffle me is boob jobs. FASHION LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER WITH SMALL BOOBS.

There was a time when I thought Matthew Morrison was like a cut-rate Justin Timberlake, and that was kind of a cool thing. But JT's stock has dropped and so too has Morrison's, not the least because his character on Glee is starting to truly suck. Things that make Mr Schuester suck: ridiculous and complete lack of understanding of what Glee club should be doing, comebacks that aren't nearly as good as Sue Sylvester's, a continuing belief that he is sexy and that teachers should perform with students, the need for him to gyrate his hips every chance he gets. Things that make this outfit suck: chiefly that open collar, but also the whole "black shirt black suit" thing, that grin, that face. And that HAIR.

On a more positive note, Lea Michele looks lovely in Oscar, as always.

And so does Jayma Mays, who really tends to fly under the radar despite having consistently lovely looks and consistently interesting styling. I feel like she really commits to a look from head to toe, and I for one think the dark shoes with the sweet Jenny Packham dress is awesome. Plus she has a tiny frame and tiny boobs, which to me really contributes to the whole walking hanger thing. And after Emma Stone, all that's needed to endear a dress to me is that coral-salmon shade.

Last one, a shout-out to Amber, who really could be the next Jennifer Hudson or Queen Latifah or Mo'Nique when it comes to the fashion stakes, but somehow always gets stuck in these poufy frilly crazy dresses. I actually think she has good taste, or she would have good taste if she had access to the same designers and sizes that Lea did. She looks alright here.

The other Glee stars are not very worth mentioning. You might think that Diana Agron should be here because she showed up in vintage Chanel and smokey eyes, but it was just so... meh. Disappointing. Girlfriend needs to learn how to strike a pose. Token Asian girl looked typically bad; token gay guy looked like he always looks in a tux, which is boring; token nice guy (slash Chris Klein doppelganger) looked like Mr Schuester called him up and said "dude, black on black is the thing" and then said advice was taken to detriment. Oh and Puck continued to look like my friend Brad, with his funny mohawk thingie.


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