Friday, January 21, 2011

About a Boy

A conversation came up last night about how men's style never really changes too much. "You wear khakis now, you wore khakis in 2002 and you'll be wearing khakis in 10 years' time," I alleged, a truth that was accepted by the opposing party with little hesitation and a bit of defeat. But perhaps I was hasty -- hanging out with too many metrosexuals, of the velour-loafer-wearing, diamond-dust-suit-sporting variety, has desensitized me as to what's acceptable manly attire nowadays. A pocket scarf, I think, has now become mainstream cocktail-party fare. Wingtip applications have left the realm of brogues and arrived in sneaker-land. Spectacles are more fashion accessory than visual-enhancer. Blazers have mated with sweaters to form unheard-of hybrids (but I suppose if it's okay to breed a blanket with a sweater to make Snuggies, anything is possible).

I guess what I'm trying to say, is that I take it back. You may still be wearing khakis in 10 years time, but your shoes may look different. And you'll have different accessories. It's 2011 and Cole Haan is pumping out denim-and-leather or snowy-snakeskin lace-ups or faded-effect loafers. In 2021, expect footwear forged from the fur of pandas or layered in puff pastry. Or something similarly OUT THERE.

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  1. Amazing, amazing, amazing.Never stop with this blog, I love to see what you´ll come up with next.The whit pair really impress me..........