Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's a Wrap

As I grow older, the grand tradition of giving gifts for birthdays and Christmas has slowly been replaced with legions of IOU notes, given out in lieu of presents like a good-looking whore sent out by her pimp. That is to say, frequently. I think it's fair, though, since I receive plenty of IOUs in kind. Maybe it's time I call in a gift or two? I'm sick of spending my own money, and by "sick" I obviously mean I am feeling massive guilt about overindulging my materialistic side over the holiday season, and have now resorted to asking people to buy me stuff in order to escape feelings of remorse.

The Chinese never really like to give out timepieces, because the word for "clock" is unlucky. But I think a watch is okay? What do you think, Pat? Do you even read this blog? Do you want to buy me a watch from Shopbop here is the link hint hint? Haha. Also, tell me what you want for your birthday, please.

For everyone else, these watches are from La Mer Collections.

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