Friday, January 7, 2011

Twitter Tips: Happy Hour Haunts

Perhaps like me, all our lovely readers are going through the January Blues whereby we are all still trying to get back into the gear after a lovely steadily slowing down month. Or that my twitter tips question this week just plain sucked. Didn't get too many responses this week although we did get it RT'ed a lot. So therefore, say I'm in denial but I'm going with the January Blues.

Onto the question:

Twitter Tips: What's the best place for happy hour after work? (ideally with awesome snacks please) #hkfgtwittertips

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Try out DiVino, complementary tapas with your drinks

I totally love Cheri Cheri, ace food & well-priced wines

Bourbon in Soho

drop is a good place. They have good martinis too #hkfgtwittertips

#hkfgtwittertips Brat on Elgin cause they have great gourmet beers, or W52 cause they have nibbles and 50 dollar prosecco

so Le boudoir is sumptuous with lethal cocktails like High Heels, Lucky Star but no finger food at all and no happy hour

Castros is great place in TST. 2 for 1 after work hours, and the best nachos and garlic crispy fries in town!

can I answer? Pi has free chicken wings! Or Blue Bar HH buffet! Clearly I don't care abt the drinks part.

Innside Out in cwb

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  1. Great info! however is there any tips on asia wholesale fashion mall tips in hongkong other than drinking?