Monday, January 24, 2011

Warm Flavours

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As the chilly winter evenings continue to persist, may I suggest a way to warm up? Head to the Tiffin Lounge at the Grand Hyatt and try out the Indian and Thai curries for dinner. There you can warm up on as much curry as well as fresh seafood, appetizers and desserts as you want for HK$538 per person.

The Indian curries are from Northern India and include prawn curry cooked with onion and coriander, black lentil stew and lamb curry with dried apricots. Northern curries are known to be fiery hot, but thankfully chef Raghbir Singh has toned them down without sacrificing the full flavours, making them more palatable for delicate Hong Kong tastebuds.
Particularly good are the prawn curry and black lentil stew, and there's also a potato salad, cottage cheese in rectangular slices with onion and pepper, mint sauce, chutney and pickled vegetables.
The Thai curries are good too, including sliced pork in green curry coconut milk and basil, fish cake with cucumber sauce, and spicy beef salad. Don't forget to try the tom yam goong -- again mildly spicy but also has delicate flavours from the lemongrass steeped in the soup with crunchy prawns and mushrooms.

You can wash the spicy dishes down with a refreshing mango lassi (HK$45) that isn't too sweet. If you still have more room in your stomach, there are non-Asian dishes, including Parma ham, fresh seafood like clams, prawns and mussels, and even foie gras freshly pan-fried in front of you. Just don't go for a doctor's check-up the next day.

And to round off the evening, there's a huge array of desserts to choose from, again thankfully in small portions so you can sample more. The fig tart is delicious, and the dark chocolate cake is definitely chocaholic heaven. For something a bit lighter, the sorbets and ice creams are made in-house. Make sure to try the blood orange sorbet which is very good and you can top it off with some fresh fruits like blueberries, cherries and strawberries.

With live jazz music and endless dishes to try, this is a pretty good deal that can't be beat. The curry promotion will run until the end of March with dinner starting at 6:30pm.

Tiffin Lounge
M/F, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
1 Harbour Road
Wan Chai
2584 7722

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