Monday, January 3, 2011

Sponsored Post: Mini Bridal Gowns

Having now reached the age where my peers are getting married left and right, I am finally struck by how much work goes into preparing a wedding. Who knew that there was some basis for turning even the most ordinary and rational of girls to turn into bridezillas? I had somehow, never even considered that flower girl dresses was a dedicated category in the wedding planning affair. I always just thought that the parents of the flower girls will just find them a nice pale coloured dress and off they go. It really wasn’t until we were asked to write this post for David’s Bridal did I notice that flower girl dresses have their own section and also a rather off putting sub section which is titled mini bridal gowns. I guess it’s only creepy when you’re an adult looking at this from a cynical perspective. For all those little girls who wanted to play ‘family’ or ‘wedding day’ games, they might just be in heaven if they are the recipient of a mini bridal gown. What do you think? Creepy or cute?

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  1. Hi, finally back on air!
    Mini wedding dresses are creepy and just weird! My question is why!

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