Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Foodie Flash

It's been very draining to plan an event and work and blog and eat and sleep all in a day's work. I have no mood to shop or surf the net to discover new things to feature. All I want to do is sleep.

In lieu of that, I thought I'd just share some bullet points on things that you should know that are sort of useful if you're looking for new exciting food-related stuff going on in Hong Kong.

- Mesa 15. No time to search for PR firm handling images, suffice to say: unreal. It's Spanish tapas but, like, better and finer and much more imaginative. Or else it wouldn't have opened right next door to Tapeo. The shamelessness of it all! The eggs and mushrooms are ridiculous good. And no, I don't mean a mushroom omelette.
- Sushi Ta-Ke. Omakase restaurant opened by interiors guru Steve Leung in Causeway Bay across from Innside Out and Da Domenico. Didn't get a chance to dine but went to the opening and all I can say is... unlimited toro canapes. I can still feel the endangeredness melting in my mouth. I believe that it probably a politically incorrect thing to say, but ohs wells. I think omakase menus are $1200 or $1500 and I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's worth it. He also has a Tuscan joint in the same building, Bella Vita. Seems promising.
- Hooray Bar & Restaurant in World Trade Centre. Sick terrace, awesome venue, food is okay. Hard to believe it's from the same group that Harlan Goldstein once helmed. Not even in the vicinity of the same level as Gold.
- Bo Innovation. Is not new, but it's better than I remembered it to be. Except that every single couple there on a Friday night was a white dude with an Asian chick.

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