Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gothic Glam

Apologies for the radio silence. FashionGeek has been sick with the flu and the past two days have passed in a blur of taking medicine, falling asleep, waking up, replying work emails, taking medicine, falling asleep etc. I'm not fully back to gear so if I don't sound coherent in the posts, I can only blame it on the coca cola tasting cough syrup that my doctor has given me. Sidenote, it tastes a lot better than the previous cough syrup and I'm pretty sure cough syrup shouldn't taste good for isn't there something about having it taste awful to deter those kids from drinking it?

So check out this awesome ring. I've always been a fan of eye-catching rings and this Gotham City Ring really appeals to the geek as well as fashionista in me. It's a collaboration by nOir and DC Comics, bringing to life Gotham City. Check out the cubic zirconia stones that masquerade as the windows of the building. Definitely a piece to get someone's attention. US$225

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1 comment:

  1. I like rings, but I don't have something that looks gothic. I am not sure if I can ever rock a gothic ensemble too. I describe my sense of fashion comfortable but chic.