Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Put a Ring on It

Some people dress up in Christmas sweaters with reindeers, I on the other hand, attempt to pay tribute to the festive season with this ring. I believe it’s supposed to be a moose but I’m telling everyone it’s a reindeer. Bought from H&M for HK$70 and includes three other animal rings which I haven’t gotten around to wearing yet.

The other ring is a lovely gift from Sarah from Lushae Jewelry. She kindly offered us an item of our choice from her website and while I rarely go for gold rings, this one tickled my fancy. The only comment I’d have is that the quality of the box that it came in is a bit low for rings of this price range. Shipping was surprisingly quick, I ordered and two days later it came so this might be a good stop for those last minute Christmas shoppers out there.

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