Monday, December 13, 2010

iPhone Show & Tell: Photo Apps

Because I feel like it's philosophically wrong to turn on my laptop at home all the time after I've spent the day sitting in fron of a computer at work, I've been using various apps on my phone to do photo retouching for use on this blog and my new tumblr. There's a lot of random apps out there, most of which utilize filters to apply various effects to photos, from vintage effects to Lomo-esque hyper colours. The actual business of Photoshopping, though, can be a bit difficult to find. Here are a list of apps that I've downloaded that, with creative application, can give your photos a unique edge. Because I think we're a bit sick of Hipstamatic.

Photoshop Express is my most indispensible download. Cropping, straightening and flipping are all necessary evils when your main camera is the iPhone 4, which is honestly not bad quality but doesn't allow so much for precision. You can also rejig exposure, saturation and contrast; tint, sketch, sharpen or colourize; and add funky borders.

Collage Lite is useful for putting together photo layouts. The examples they show on the download page are less than exemplary if you're not trying to put together a scrapbook style document. But it's fairly easy-to-use overall, and if you are willing to shell out the US$0.99, you can also crop the photos you select and place more than four on a page. The downside is that as far as I can figure out on the Lite version, you can't straight-up save photos; you have to email them to yourself and then download off the email. And the photos come out pretty small. I believe Photo Mess has the same functions, but for some reason when I downloaded it, it wouldn't let me use the existing photo library due to some software glitch.

The least useful, but the most fun, especially if you like to take copious self-portraits, is More Beaute, which acts as an overall skin-retouching app by somehow whiting out all the imperfections with just two slider switches, Brightness and Smoothness. It's kind of creepy how much better I look with flawless bright skin. But I won't subject you to those Before and After shots, because it's too scary for me to admit it's true.

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