Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In the Cards

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m getting old but Christmas no longer has that magical feeling that used to be prevalent around town. Or maybe it’s that having worked in magazines and now PR for the past few years, Christmas is what we plan for in August and the actual appeal of the festive season disappears when it finally comes. But regardless, Christmas is a season that I love and while I still can’t quite justify listening to Christmas carols before December, today means that I will start plugging in my headphones, listening to Glee’s Christmas album on top of other classics and fully embrace the Christmas season. And what better way to kick start this than to show you this wonderfully whimsical Christmas video from Loewe? Created by set designer and illustrator Gary Card, this video highlights a series of sculptures created from Loewe’s brand new packaging. Introduced in Loewe’s outlets this past November, these boxes have been transformed into various childhood toys. Check out the video below.

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  1. It's true that seems every year they try to "sell us" the xmas atmosphere even sooner and for the companies they need to think in advance their strategies for those special days.

    Still feeling excited when the lights are on and everything looks so nice and the people seems even nicer, no? Also time for food gatherings, too much good food.. later need to work hard in the gym, but worth to spend and share time with family + friends