Monday, December 20, 2010

Private Eyes

It's my rule not to spend too much on designer sunnies, because I'm a bad and careless person who throws them into the depths of my carryall until they are mangled beyond recognition. Bad habits die hard. For those of you who exhibit more loving behaviour towards your possessions, Prada's new "Private" glasses are pretty awesome.

The earpieces of the glasses are customizable with letters and symbols that allow you to express yourself at whim -- thanks to an easy system of screws and bars, you can easily switch out parts as often as you want. You can buy letters individually or in a full set (of course, if your initials are duplicates that might present a problem -- sorry, Willy Wonka, Tila Tequila and Donald Duck). The glasses come in black, white and tortoiseshell and are available in Prada stores in select regions around the world -- and guess what, Hong Kong is one of them. Hallelujah to our power-spending ability!

The default initials are PR, so if those happen to me your initials, good for you.

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