Thursday, December 9, 2010

SHOErotica: Jeffrey Campbell Lita

So impractical as these are... stripper-esque and all kinds of ridiculous... I'm getting infected by the blogosphere and the extreme popularity of these extreme ankle boots. The fact that i only just realized that Solestruck offers free worldwide shipping is swaying the pendulum in their favour. Although I'm wondering if it's the actual shoe that I covet, or the fact that they come in so many different incarnations. Particularly sweatin' the glitter ones and the tapestry. But I wouldn't kick that distressed grey out of bed either. More after the cut.

Top image from pink kitten.

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  1. Yknow I thought these were super hot when the lookbook first came out but nowthat they're everywhere I just think theyre so damn hypey and so many bloggers are just getting them cos all the "famous" bloggers have them. Aesthetically they really are super sttrippery but the heel and the ankle boot part is nIce. It's just that damn huge chunky platform in the front but I gotta admit the nude/camel is really nice. Have u seen the all white one? Pure barf. This shoe (and the sam Edelman zoes, which I'll admit that I have) are so damn hypey. I swear 90% of bloggers are just hypebeasts. That ofcourse does not include you ladies and me, of course hahahah

    Ok major rant hhahah

  2. The sparkly JC shoes are fantastic to look at but Denise is so right!!! JC has other shoes that are brilliant though! Just want to extend you the invite of a fabulous Christmas giveaway for a Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbag enter @


  3. I feel you on the "hypey" thing... but at the same time the fact that all these bloggers have them is what helped me see the beauty in them. From the original photos I was like "okay. STRIPPER." And then seeing them styled up on other people gave me shoe envy.

    But that also might just be because we live in faraway HK and never get to see them on real life.

    But just to continue to be devil's advocate... I do find it interesting to see how different people work the same thing into their look. Kind of like a styling challenge?