Friday, December 10, 2010

Twitter tips: HK Private kitchens

Twitter tips: HK Private kitchens.. what are your picks? #hkfgtwittertips.

For us Geeks, we love Liberty Private Works. Click on the link for full review and see why both Geeks would happily marry Makoto Ono if he proposes to us. Yes we do have a slight crush on him.

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g4gary 5:34pm
Banquet style cantonese at 金門莊/娥姐

#hkfgtwittertips @hkFashionGeek Private kitchns - Ta Pantry, Veggie Palace, Yin Yang. Most others I've been to are boo but have some on list

@hkFashionGeek Bon Heur in Sheung Wan is my Fav

@hkFashionGeek Favorites include TBLS, Liberty Private Works, @MandysPKitchen, and Philia Home. Wagyu Kaiseki, Chi Leen Temple for vegetarian Buddhist food for your list.

@hkFashionGeek My favs- Yu Chuan (Sichuan), Gong Guan (Shanghainese), StoneHouse (Canto).

went to香港專業廚藝學院for medicated food cuisine practice 藥膳實習, this place is also a private kitchen #hkfgtwittertips

Karen Elizabeth Commune Lab :)

RT @hkFashionGeek can definitely recommend TBLS now after a great dinner last night! #hkfgtwittertips

magnolia definitely has to be on that list RT @hkFoodGeek Twitter tips: HK Private kitchens.. what are your picks? #hkfgtwittertips

@hkFashionGeek Our favourites are Mirror and Liberty Private Works

@hkFashionGeek Mum Chau's Sichuan Kitchen, Xi Yan Private Kitchen, Chow Chung, Yin Yang #hkfgtwittertips

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  1. Yin Yang not good !especially the hot pot rice and roast pork, over pretentious !try too hard to look creative !