Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bling on the Rocks

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A few months ago Piaget released its Limelight collection which was a cross between Art Deco and a music theme, with many pieces featuring a black and white colour scheme of black onyx and diamonds that were quite tasteful and elegant. If not they were an interesting contrast to the candy-coloured diamonds and stones that everyone else is pushing.

But now the Swiss jewellery and watch line is adding to its Limelight catalogue with cocktail rings -- that almost literally look like drinks.

For example, there's the "Mojito Inspiration", with a giant cushion-cut green tourmaline set on a white gold ring with lots of tiny diamonds, but on the edge of the stone is a small lemon wedge that is actually a citrine.

Another is "Whisky on the Rocks Inspiration", presenting another giant cushion-cut citrine in a wonderful golden brown colour, but on one of the corners are two small frosted cubes made of quartz to look like ice.

Or what about "Cosmopolitan Inspiration"? There's a large pink rubellite stone surrounded by diamonds but then there's a star fruit wedge made of citrine.

What would Carrie and her Sex in the City gal pals think? We all know cocktail rings are in -- they're fun, fashionable and add bling to our outfits. But do we really need to literally say "drink me"?

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