Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grand Hyatt Festive Indulgence in Macau

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Christmas is the perfect time to meet up with loved ones and celebrate the holidays -- with yummy food. It's the one week -- or perhaps one of many for some -- where we turn a blind eye to our waistlines and indulge in delicious festive feasts. And if you're planning (last minute) to celebrate the birth of Jesus in Macau, check out mezza 9 at the Grand Hyatt Macau.

The restaurant serving international cuisine is offering a Christmas Eve dinner buffet for ($688) that will guarantee you'll be stuffed almost as much as the turkey because I tried it recently. A word of caution -- pace yourself.

We started with a huge platter presenting a selection of sushi and sashimi, delicious toro and salmon, octopus and roe. There was also a giant bowl of ice covered in seafood, including lobster, fresh oysters, mussels and prawns. That was practically a meal in itself, perfect with a glass of prosecco.

But that was only the beginning.

There's also crab and corn chowder, a thick rich soup that's like a bisque so save your stomach space and try a small portion.

Fish lovers will enjoy the deep-fried soon hock, perfectly cooked, with the meat flaking off and sitting in a pool of light soy sauce.
But down to the main event -- the turkey. Everyone has to have it -- best source of protein with less fat than chicken unless you want to go wild and try ostrich. The large slices come with cranberry sauce that's not from a can, bacon and mushroom stuffing, and accompanied with sauteed chestnuts and roasted Brussel sprouts.

We've just about reached the end -- because there's still dessert to come.

The Christmas dessert platter is a wonderful medley of treats. They look so enticing you can't help but want to try a bite from each of them. They included a fruit cake -- looked fresh rather than aged, a dessicated coconut mousse, and a rich, dense chocolate ganache cake.

Can't you just taste the calories?

There was also an ice cream concoction with a gingerbread tree on top. I don't understand why Chinese people don't like the taste gingerbread. So I happily ate the edible arbour to my heart's content.

Is your mouth watering now? Book at (853) 8868 1908 or

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