Monday, January 10, 2011

Collars of the World

Materialism is no domain for the indecisive. Think too much, blink too often, and fashion's sweetest items will be gone from your reach forever. I speak, of course, of the Miu Miu detachable collars that I casually coveted a couple of seasons back... and now wish to own with a burning desire. They are of course no longer available, except to ogle on blogs like Style Rookie who posted this image way back when.

Luckily, trends do catch on, and there are modified versions of this piece available somewhere else across the web, albeit sans the fab nudes (or cats or swallows). Theoretically this should be the easiest DIY ever, but I'm in no mood to snip and destroy these days. I make stuff and then think I'm Albert Einstein and then two months later I'm more like... "What possessed me to cut giant triangles in the back of my little vest? Now even Salvation Army won't want it..."

Anywhoose, a DIY wouldn't be nearly as satisfying as taking out le credit card to order these wickedly wacky collars from Dimepiece Designs (more goodness awaits beyond these images, in particular the best naughty-girl prints ever, from a skeletal Mickey Mouse to a Mardi Gras alien-brained Chanel Iman...)

There's also plenty to see on our old favourite, Etsy... We'll kick off with these Peter Pan collars, just for Andrea, because she's been obsessed with them of late. Get the following at Luminia.

The heavy lace on YeYe collars reminds me of Prada's thick and sturdy, ladylike Fall 2008 collection...

More Peter Pan-ness, but with even more whimsy and that Little House on the Prairie vibe, courtesy of Zitachocarro.

Sharp, gothic minimalsim chez Girl Can't Talk...

Miniature and leather from TILTadornment.

And just for fun, check out this Marc Jacobs collar I picked up a few months ago. The fact that I haven't worn it yet just tells you how much I REALLY need a new collar. But that's because the dress I want to wear this with, doesn't fit me anymore. Sniff.

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