Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kitty Ride

It’s getting to the point where Hello Kitty's conquering of the world shouldn’t surprise me yet I keep finding myself having to share the latest Hello Kitty merchandise with you even if it’s not Hong Kong relevant. We’ve covered Hello Kitty perfume, Hello Kitty wine and Hello Kitty bottled water that retails at US$100 a pop. Now comes the Hello Kitty Smart car, well technically, options of Hello Kitty wraps for the Smart car but it’s pretty much the same thing. Pricing starts at US$1,700 for full wraps and US$550 for partial wraps (2-door panel). What do you think? Will this catch on? Are we doomed to see Hello Kitty take over the world?

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  1. Just found something geeky on the topic of weird Japanese things:

    Very Geeky :)